Comments and Testimonials

The best advertising comes from patients who we've been looking after for years. We have started to collate your testimonials and we will publish them on here shortly. If you would like to send us a testimonial, you can do so from here.

77. Hello James. You have been our family dentist for many years. You have been an excellent dentist throughout this time and we have all come to regard you as a friend. Excellent dental work, first class advice and your true care for patients is so evident.


76. I was saddened when I heard that my fantastic, talented, lovely and humorous dentist, Kay, had left the dental practice that I had attended for over 27 years. Kay has looked after my dental health for many years now and I could not have found better care from any other dentist. Kay you are a skilled professional who treats your patients as friends and real people. It's great to have you back.


75. James has been my dentist for many years now. He is not only a brilliant dentist but a genuinely nice guy. When on holiday in Portugal a couple of years ago I had to have some emergency dental treatment. The dentist there told me my dental work was excellent and I was lucky to have such a good dentist. You can't get much better a recommendation than that.


74. Kay Hallows has been my dentist since she arrived in Longwell Green, and I have grown to trust her enormously. I find her a caring and skilled clinician.


73. Our 'children' have grown up having James as their dentist. I have to say, I couldn't have wished for a more friendly and extremely professional place for all our oral requirements. James is a delight to know and I am always confident that the family get only the best by the way of treatment. I couldn't recommend him more highly to anyone looking for a new dentist.

The C. family

72. I have been absolutely delighted with the dental care that I have received from Kay. She has carried out a variety of dental treatments, each with excellent results, and absolutely no discomfort at all. There is no pressure and everything is explained very clearly. Kay is kind and friendly with an unhurried approach and is an extremely skilful, knowledgeable and professional dental surgeon.
Looking at all the testimonials, who can fail to be impressed with all the wonderful comments from your grateful clients. The thing that comes through time and again is that you both really care for your patients, and you have the utmost integrity, you will not try to promote any procedure that is inappropriate, and your advice is genuine. You are both more interested in providing the right care with a personal yet professional touch.


71. James has been our family dentist for many years and has become a family friend. He has provided us with the best care we could wish for, he is thorough and always takes time to give you a full explanation on any issues and future treatment strategies. You can be confident with his recommendations which in our experience have always resulted in satisfactory outcomes. He puts our best interests first, and by the way he is a very nice person.

The T. family

70. Dear Kay, you have been our dentist from the day that you arrived in Bristol to the present day. We think that:

  • Your dental skills are superb.
  • Your patient care is outstanding.
  • Your sympathy and empathy are wonderful.
  • It must be obvious that we think that you are the best dentist that we could ever hope to find.

The A. family

69. Choosing a new dentist particularly when moving to a new area can at best be described as perplexing and at worst traumatic. However, my wife and I agree that choosing you James has been one of our better decisions in life and one we will never regret. Not only are you a skilled professional but you give the impression of an honest, friendly and decent person - qualities less easily found these days. I suppose “Highly recommended” would be a suitable summary.

The E. family

68. When I first went to James I had quite bad gum disease. With his work and advice, I had amazing results!


67. Kay and James have been our family dentists for years now. They both have an extremely calming and friendly manner and unlike a lot of dentists, really won't carry out any unnecessary work. We highly recommend them – so much so that when we moved to the other side of Bristol we didn't even contemplate changing dentists!

The C family

66. Hi Kay, I have been happy to travel 8 miles for my appointments twice a year ever to see you, because I felt very comfortable with your care and treatment.


65. James where do I start? You have been my dentist for many, many years and during that time you have almost become a family member. To achieve this you have shown the great skills of a magnificent dentist and a personality that is able to assess the requirements of individuals and relax them accordingly. My wife also joined your patient list and your treatment on her and your personality, took away the terror she felt prior to her visit. You will always be our dentist and we will be in constant touch with you to continue our friendship. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.


64. Dear Kay, having been a patient of yours for some time now I feel your professionalism is 2nd to none.


63. I've been a patient of Kay's for many years - excellent dentist and a very nice and understanding person.


62. Kay is not only a skilled dentist who is kind, friendly and gentle, she has also become a friend to myself and my family members, all of which are her patients.


61. James, you have been so kind and understanding - no-one can fill your shoes that is for sure. I have so appreciated your 'bedside' manner and calming effect on me in my so called 'hours' of need. :)


60. Kay has been our dentist for many, many years. She has always been professional, caring and friendly and puts us completely at ease at every visit. We cannot recommend Kay highly enough.

L and G.T.

59. I was always very nervous with all dentists. This changed when James became my dentist; very very professional, gave sound advice, perfect in his treatments. A caring person in whom I could confide.


58. . My daughters and I have been coming to James for many years. James has watched the girls grow up and is now also looking after my grandchildren’s teeth! They have no fear of the dentist! James is the kindest, friendliest, most professional person I have had the pleasure to meet. James and Kay are a fantastic couple who I trust 100%. I have no doubt whatsoever that they both put patient care before profit and I have nothing but praise for them.


57. James has been our family dentist for many years. He is a true professional with a heart of gold. He takes time to listen to you, and has helped me overcome my fear of dentists, with his kind and sensitive approach. I would highly recommend him to anyone!


56. I am very pleased to say we, as a family of six, have been very fortunate to have James Hallows as our family dentist. We first took our children to James when they were young and afraid of the dentist. From the minute we walked in the door we have never looked back. The dentist is no longer a frightening experience. James instils confidence in his patients, he is a very professional, caring and knowledgeable, he explains everything to us in detail, nothing is too much trouble for this very dedicated dentist. We would highly recommend James as our dentist and good friend.


55. Kay is always very welcoming and puts us at ease. Both my sons have no fear of the dentist and Kay has managed to gain the trust of my husband who did not see a dentist before her.


54. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending James to any future patient. James has been my dentist for many years and not only is he an excellent professional with high quality of work, he is also a caring and warm person who makes you feel at ease the minute you step in the door. Now I never mind going to the dentist!


53. I first met James when I needed emergency dental work, I was in pain and I was terrified of dentists - to the point that I would cry and shake with nerves ... now I actually look forward to my appointments! From the moment I first sat in the chair, James' calm and gentle approach coupled with his wonderful sense of humour set me at ease and built my confidence - now, several years later, I have regular check ups, and healthy teeth and gums and most importantly (to me) a dentist that I actually enjoy seeing! I also now have an 18 month old son and I wouldn't dream of taking him to anyone else. James is not only an incredibly skilled dentist but friendly, reassuring and generous with his time, explaining what he's going to do (or not do) and why - an absolute hero!


52. Hi Kay. Whilst no one actually 'looks forward' to going to the dentist (!) I always enjoyed the banter and laughs we had. Your calm professionalism and friendly style of dentistry always reassured me and filled me with confidence that I was in safe hands whilst lying back in the magic chair!!


51. I have had James as my dentist for so many years and I introduced my 5 children to him ... he really has made visiting the dentist a dream!!! My youngest was in so much pain and James sorted it easily and my son was only 13 months at the time ... amazing man!!! I would love to tell you how scared I actually am of the dentist, but no more ... JAMES is our whole family dentist!


50. Not so long ago I had to attend my GP for a general check up which included having my BP checked. Unfortunately the initial results were not consistent so my Doctor asked me to think of two things that I enjoyed. Bizarrely I thought of flying and going to see James for my regular check up. These relaxing thoughts soon did the trick and my GP was happy with my BP albeit he looked a tad confused why I would choose two things that most people would dread ie. flying and a trip to the dentist BUT this is just how highly I regard James as a supreme professional in his profession. As soon as I sit in the chair I am perfectly relaxed and know that I am 100% confident in James and his skills. Not only is he a superb dentist but both Kay and himself are lovely people. As far as I am concerned no one else will ever have my dental requirements in their hands - albeit my doctor still thinks my mental health may need further investigation!!! :)


49. Kay has been my dentist for over 10 years! She has been excellent, especially when I had a fall and lost my front teeth, just before my daughter's wedding. She was calm, thorough, and fixed my teeth in time for the wedding! She has continued to look after me very well and she also looked after all of my children with kindness and patience! She is beyond a doubt the best dentist I have had!


48. During the length of time we have been patients of Dr. James Hallows we have experienced treatments of an exceedingly high standard. We went to him following unsatisfactory results from another practice. He provided us with the assuring and understanding treatment we badly needed at that time. Regular appointments with him since then have been made with great confidence knowing that first class treatment would be received and it has, to our complete satisfaction.

The R. family

47. Kay I have always been so grateful to have you as a dentist for myself and the boys. I will be forever indebted to you for organising my son to have his braces fitted before he started Senior School. As a very quiet child (then!!) to have started and then have to face everyone with new braces would have knocked his confidence so much. By having the braces fitted at the end of the summer holidays he was able to get used to them before facing the new challenges of Senior School.
Never once did the boys ever worry about going to have their teeth checked in fact they always use to say “it’s ok we are only going to see Kay” when I said we were going to the dentist. :)


46. I have been treated by James for a number of years and have always received first class care. He successfully treated a dental issue that a previous practice was unable to resolve. I would thoroughly recommend James as a dental practitioner.


45. For my husband and myself Kay has always given us very sound advice and steered us in the right direction, if we had any procedure out of the normal range i.e. I have had implants done and with Kay's help, 8-9 years on have never had a problem thanks to her help and knowledge.

J.& C.O

44. Dear Kay, you have dealt so splendidly with my natural teeth and dentures over the years and I no longer worry about attending the dentist. All my treatment has been "right first time".


43. Dear James, you have been my dentist since 2002 and I have grown to trust your professional advice completely during that time. This is because you have always taken time to talk to me and explain in a language that I understand your reasoning for treatment of my teeth. I have always found you very approachable and professional and never felt rushed or afraid to let you know what I thought. I would like to take this opportunity of thanking you for being my excellent dentist.


42. Dear Kay, like many people of my age I was hurt and frightened as a child by a dentist at a clinic. My mother did find a local dentist who I stayed with into adulthood but after he retired I had a series of dentists who whilst competent in their field had no compassion for a nervous patient. Finding you was a Godsend. For the last eight years or so that I have had the good fortune to visit you I no longer approach the surgery with sweating palms and an urge to turn tail at the door! Beyond that I would like to say that in my estimation you are a more than competent dentist. I have had quite a lot of work done by you which has all been successful and pain free.


41. Both myself and my wife were encouraged to join the dental practice where James Hallows worked by another family member who specifically recommended James as a dentist. I have nothing but praise for James' ability, expertise, professionalism and integrity as a dentist. I can honestly say I haven’t experienced anything like the level of care offered, which for someone who has had a number of negative experiences is extremely reassuring.

D.B. and family

40. Kay has been consistent in her professional care as our family dentist for nearly over 10 years, and has always been polite and courteous in her manner when discussing any part of our dental care, whether it be a check-up or potential treatment being considered. Kay has the ability to put you at your ease with her calm and relaxed approach; we have always been welcomed with a happy smile where nothing is too much trouble, especially if we as patients are seeking additional information on any aspect of dental care and in need of reassurance. Kay is a credit to her profession; well done Kay.

The S family

39. Quite simply the finest dentists that I have ever had the "pleasure" to look after my teeth. I have literally been counting the days to when I lay on James's chair again. One of the many great things about James and Kay is that not only are they supremely professional in their work but they actually take the time to speak with you to learn about you, your possible fears and importantly they allow the time to give you the correct treatment. I have always felt that I'm treated as a patient NOT a number. This process results in you feeling confident in the treatment given.
Not just for their undivided loyalty to their committed clients but also their incredible dedication to ensuring that they are once again providing this area with a top quality dental service I can only wish them all the very best in their new venture.
I highly recommend Hallows dentists if you’re looking for a knowledgeable and professional dental practice provided with a very personal touch - You will not find better.


38. Hi Kay, I’ve recently moved to Portishead but I want to continue to see you for my dental treatment because I completely trust you, which is a big deal for me, being such a softy! You have been an absolutely fantastic dentist and you can certainly rely on my continued custom when your new practice opens.


37. I changed to Kay through recommendation of a friend as the dentist I had at the time, didn't make me feel relaxed and I began to dread going to an appointment. It was a very good decision to change to Kay, I felt listened to and less anxious.


36. I would like to share my thoughts about James (my dentist).

As a child in the 80’s dentists were very different and I had a few nasty experiences resulting in myself having a fear of dentists and not going for some time. When I got pregnant I knew I had to overcome my fear, as I didn't want my children having a fear as well, so I started to go to Longwell Green Practice. I built up a trust with a dentist who left, resulting in James becoming my dentist. Then I was very nervous again, however, once I met him, he instantly put me at ease. I at times would have treatment refusing any injections, and making the dentists stop during treatment as it hurt, but my fear of being “pinned down in a chair and injected” took over any thoughts I had, and over time my fears reduced and trust grew.

James’s knowledge was much better than any of the previous dentists I had seen, he made jokes and tried to relax me and my children, playing games with them, finding out about us, then keeping the conversations on things he knew about us, pets, hobbies, holidays, football with my son, even having the right music on for treatment etc.

My daughter had many problems with her teeth, which James picked up very quickly, resulting in her sitting in his chair for hours for treatment. She was never scared and he always made jokes and they built up a great relationship of trust. Some of this involved many injections. James talked her through each procedure asking her if she had questions, stopping each time to reassure her she was “doing ok buddy”, with her in fits of laughter in the chair. (I’m pleased my fears reduced and they never had to see the dentist as a bad person). My daughter ended up having various teeth taken out and braces and a bridge fitted by James at the age of 16, which is young to have a bridge fitted. James made this more fun than treatment for her. Thanks to James she has an amazing set of teeth now.

I have moved away from Bristol and travel 50 miles to come and see him, as trusting someone else is going to be hard to find. I am happily waiting the opening of the new practice, so I can see my dentist again. Good luck James and Kay.


35. Kay has been my dentist for over 10 years, during this time she has cared for my teeth impeccably. Any dental treatment was always undertaken in a gentle, calm, patient centred way. Kay understood my particular needs with certain procedures and would kindly adapt these for me. I would, and have happily recommended Kay as a dentist.


34. I have always found Kay to be a very supportive dentist, getting to know what I would like. She has always been so professional and always explained what she was doing and why. She has always treated me with respect and kindness and I recommend her without any reservations.


33. James has been our family dentist for many years - having seen my children through Primary school and onto their University years. Since being with James we have always enjoyed going to the dentist. James, apart from being a wonderful dentist, is an extremely kind, caring and funny person and we are looking forward to being back on his patient list.

The J family

32. For all who look at this page I would like to post the following about James and Kay.

James has looked after my oral needs for the last, well many years lets say. He took a very poor set of teeth and gums sadly neglected and turned them into my now film star oral looks. His wife Kay also looked after my wife, she has nothing but praise for the way that Kay delicately handled her very sensitive mind set when it comes to dentists. This dental practice will be a welcome asset to the local community not only because it's needed but also both James and Kay are highly qualified, experienced, professional and very empathetic dentists. I am so thankful that they have both decided to stay in this area after leaving the Longwell Green Dental Practice.

I applaud them in their continued quest to offer first class service in a very relaxed and friendly environment whilst ensuring the highest standards of professional dental care. As far as I am concerned I will be registering my support by hopefully joining their patient list. I would urge you all to do the same before the list is closed through over subscription.


31. My husband and I plus 4 other members of our family have been patients of Kay Hallows for many years and have always found Kay to be a very good dentist - she puts you at ease, explains everything she is doing and is very professional yet at the same time friendly. We thoroughly recommend Kay as a dentist.


30. I've been a dental patient of Kay's for many years and in all that time I have been afforded honesty, friendliness and absolute total professionalism. Kay makes it a priority to put me at ease as soon as I walk in the door, she is gentle and makes time to actually talk to me as a person and not simply a patient.....these are traits that I value highly and are just some of the reasons I feel fortunate to be so well looked after during my visits.


29. I would like to say thank you so much for your wonderful and professional dental care over the years. I have always been made to feel comfortable and at ease. I couldn't recommend Kay enough, she is by far the best dentist I have ever had!


28. A huge welcome to James and Kay Hallows who now have their own dental practice due to open in the Summer. A truly genuinely lovely professional couple who treat all patients with the utmost respect and a friendly approach to dentistry. Treating three generations of my family - we wouldn't go anywhere else.

The C. family

27. I have been a patient of Kay's ever since she joined Longwell Green Surgery. I do like to have a dentist who gives me confidence and makes my visits to the dentist pleasurable. Kay has given me excellent treatment as a friend and as a professional, my experience with her was commendable. I am looking forward to meeting her again soon.


26. James became my dentist a number of years ago, when I had a dental emergency and I have never looked back. For someone who suffers with severe anxiety, a dental appointment can be very problematic but not with James. From day one James puts me at ease, makes me laugh (too much) and is always incredibly kind.
One time James and Kay opened the surgery on a Sunday evening as I was in incredible pain and they did their very best for me. I will never forget this and will always be forever grateful for going above and beyond for me. Not many people can say they look forward to going to the dentist but I can due to James’s kind nature and really just being a decent human being. I cannot recommend James and Kay enough.


25. Dear James, I have never had such a lovely dentist. You put me at so much ease at visiting a dentist I actually look forward to my appointments (surely that's not normal!). You take time to get to know each patient personally and I enjoy our chats about musicals. I am touched every time I walk into your room and there is a pillow waiting for me in the chair to make me more comfortable and as for your music in the background - well I couldn't feel more relaxed even if I was on a beach :) I read some comments here and was even prouder to have you as my dentist :) You're the Idina Menzel of the dentist world :-)


24. This is to express my gratitude to Kay Hallows who has been my dentist for many years. Kay is an expert practitioner who has always been compassionate and truly caring within her role and is a genuine kind and caring person. Kay provides time to explain rationale and time given during processes regarding the holistic nature and welfare of her clients. As a Registered Nurse Practitioner myself, I know how very hard this can be to achieve within time-limits, targets, and the complexities of individual patient co-morbidities etc. Kay never fails to deliver exceptional dental care, her examination is always thorough, never hurried and always gentle. Her interpersonal skill and rapport with colleagues produces a professional and confident environment to attend as a patient.


23. Dear James, we, with two of our children and their families, have been thoroughly satisfied with your service for many years and would not wish to lose the friendliness and efficiency that have been so much part of it. A particular feature has been the fact that none of the youngsters have ever displayed the traditional fear of visiting the dentist.

The W. family

22. Dear Kay, as pensioners, we have come to appreciate the dental treatment we have received from you over the years. You have always explained the treatment and carried it through skilfully. In addition to dental skills, you have proved to be a very kind compassionate person.

G & J.S.

21. I live in Chepstow, Wales and travel to see James for my dental appointments (yes it’s a long round trip but a sacrifice I’m always willing to make for the exceptional care I receive). Having had (in my opinion) a very unethical dentist during my student years I was in a pretty sorry state when James took me under his wing. The endless dental work I had come to expect turned into many years of non-invasive, preventative care instead. James is empathetic, understanding and patient. He takes the time to talk through options and will explain the reasoning behind his advice. Over the years he has supported me through basic tooth and gum care lessons all the way to a recent, painless extraction – performed only to save another tooth! If you want a caring professional with only your best interests at heart then James is the dentist for you.

The B. family

20. Kay is such a lovely caring dentist - the best I have ever had. Kay and James, you must be very proud to read all these glowing recommendations. They are well deserved.


19. Dear James, you are an outstanding dentist and always put the needs of your patients first. We always feel confident going to see you and in a strange way sometimes look forward to it because you always make us feel that you really care and we always leave your surgery with a smile on our faces. Whenever we have needed treatment you have never lectured, just always given us the best advice and treatment. We have been patients of yours for many years. One of the family unit works in a specialist dental negligence unit. After hearing on a daily basis the poor treatment that is available in this country, it is always comforting to know that we have such a good dentist (James) treating us. We trust James, his advice and treatment implicitly.

The G. family

18. I have been a patient of Kay Hallows for many years and her care throughout that time has been nothing short of excellent. Kay is professional, very friendly and always happy to discuss any concerns that I have. I value her advice and trust her implicitly. A wonderful dentist - I recommend her without hesitation.


17. James, you have a wonderful way of making people feel at ease and that is why, although we have moved out of the area we still wanted to be your patients.

The W. family

16. Hello Kay, we all greatly appreciate the care and friendship you have given us over the years. You have certainly made the visit to the dentist a pleasure.

J & N.S.

15. Hi Kay. What can I say? You have been a very good friend and a brilliant dentist. No one can do root canal like you ha ha!


14. A number of years ago I had a dental emergency, a broken bridge. Because it was a weekend I could not get any help from my own dentist, or any numbers given on her answering machine. In desperation I phoned the Longwell Green Practice. It was 5 o'clock on a Saturday evening. James and Kay dealt with my problem straight away much to my relief. Ever since I have visited regularly for checkups and also had extensive treatment which I have been more than satisfied with. The first class personal service James offers, I would thoroughly recommend to anyone. Two members of my family also now go to him.


13. I am 94 years old, and I always had a fear of going to the dentist as I had a lot of teeth trouble when I was young, but I must say that I have found Kay and James very helpful, caring and gave me a lot of courage. Both are excellent dentists.


12. I have been with James Hallows since he first started at Longwell Green many years ago. I have been lucky to have had some good dentists over the years but James is head and shoulders above all of them. I was particularly impressed at my first examination when James explained that he “was in it for the long term” so it was in both our interests that he should take best care of my teeth. And that is exactly what he has done.


11. Dear Kay, your skills, professionalism, and courtesy, and an ever smiling face always serve to calm my fears. Keep smiling!!!!!!


10. James Hallows has been our dentist for many years. James is such a calm, patient, friendly and welcoming dentist. Our youngest daughter was diagnosed with ADHD before we began seeing James, anyone who understands the problems with a child who has ADHD will realise that it can be difficult to get them to sit still, engage and also behave in a socially acceptable manner. I was always impressed with how James interacted with our daughter and was never phased by her. He took time to talk with her and attempt jokes, I always remember her saying 'He's really silly", but I know she loved going to see James and now at 22 years old would not go and see any other dentist. I myself work with children who have complex needs, some who have Autism. I would have no hesitation in recommending James to these parents as I know he would work hard to gain the children's trust and to support the parents.

The S. family

9. Where do you start? I have been under Kay's care for a great number of years. Having been to a few other dentists over the years I can say hand on heart that I have never received such excellent care. Kay, I like to think has now become a friend. She not only puts you at ease, but genuinely cares about her patients. Not only giving you the best care she can, but always asking about your general health but remembers everything you tell her and asks how things are. She always tells you the different options and takes the time to explain all in an easy to understand way. I have always found that no matter which nurse she has working alongside her they always seem extremely happy.


8. My wife and I have always found the treatment from our dentist James Hallows to be exemplary; he is friendly, professional and competent and the results of his treatment have been pain free and always exceeded our expectations. He takes the time to fully explain the treatment we will receive, and encourages us to look after our teeth by explaining cleaning methods and dental hygiene. We have been made to feel we are valued patients and we would not hesitate to recommend James Hallows to anyone who is looking for an extremely professional dentist.

S & A.F.

7. I want to say a big "Thank You" to Kay Hallows who has been my dentist for many years. No one likes going to the dentist but it definitely helps when you have someone you can trust and who you know will do their very best for you. Again, thank you Kay.


6. James has been treating my family (three generations) for many years and we all agree how passionate he is about his profession and only settles for perfection. When you walk into his surgery, he greets you as a friend, and any anxiety is forgotten.

J & B.W.

5. Kay Hallows and her husband are exceptional in their profession. They are understanding to their clients and their needs. Anyone wishing for a dentist, look no further. These two dentists are the best.


4. I can in all honesty say Kay and James Hallows are the best, most competent dentists we have ever had. They are a most learned and skilful couple of practitioners, who put the best plan of treatment for their patients before all else. 101% Confident.

P & A.H.

3. James Hallows has been my dentist for many years - and worth every single penny for my troublesome teeth! He is an absolute professional as well as reassuring and gentle. My twins have been going to him since before their teeth even arrived - and actively look forward to going! (His mock up of a phone call to the tooth fairy being particularly memorable !) I cannot recommend him more highly, my whole family see him now (including my sister, who he visits in her own time in her nursing home now that her condition has deteriorated significantly. My medical colleagues travel quite a distance to see him ..and feel the same as me , James feels like an old friend, the fact that he provides such amazing, holistic dental care is a bonus.


2. Kay has been my dentist ever since she first started, and as my family grew my daughters too! As a child I was petrified of going to see the dentist, and remember doing everything I could to get out of going. I was determined my children wouldn't go through the same. Kay has provided myself and my family with great dental care, her expertise, patience and gentleness are just some of the things we love about her. Over the years Kay has become more than just a dentist to us, we have all grown so very fond of her, as she is such a lovely, warm person.


1. Dear Kay and James, we cannot remember how long you have looked after our dental health. It is a very long time and during that time we have had excellent treatment always delivered in a friendly and very professional manner. Over the years we have each had treatment for demanding dental conditions and you have on every occasion instigated and completed a course of treatment with splendid and long lasting results.