Price list

Our promise to you is that we will always act in your best interests, and where treatment is suggested, provide you with a written treatment plan with our costs explained. Costs will vary dependent on the complexity and time required for each treatment. We are proud to offer affordable and quality private care to families.

Examinations for new patients

Examination for new adult patients
We like to book 45 minutes for our first appointment with you, and our price includes all x-rays as required.
Examination for new child patients
Includes all x-rays as required.
Examination for new child patients if a parent is not a registered patient
Includes all x-rays as required.

Examinations and routine hygiene for regular patients

Routine examination
Includes routine x-rays as required.
Routine examination with scale & polish in one appointment
Includes routine x-rays as required.
Children's examination
Includes routine x-rays as required. We do not charge for regular examinations for children under the age of 6.
Children's examination if a parent is not a registered patient
Includes routine x-rays as required.
Single hygiene appointment
Dental X-rays
Small, medium, large
10, 16, 26
Short-notice cancellations (within 2 working days),
and missed appointments:
20 for exams,
30 for treatments under 1 hour,
1 per minute for longer appointments or repeated cancellations.

Routine Treatment

Tooth coloured ("white") fillings
85 - 250
Tooth whitening
Upper and lower teeth, using whitening trays and gels
Gum disease treatment
Per quadrant
From 95
Cosmetic crowns and veneers
From 660
From 720
Root canal treatment
Front tooth, Back tooth
From 420, From 485
From 495
From 95
Gum shields
From 65
Invisalign clear braces (depending on complexity)
1800 - 3800

Emergency Treatment

Emergency appointment during normal hours
60 plus treatment costs if provided


We have always looked after the majority of our patients on either Denplan Care for adults, or for children under 18, Denplan Plans for Children. Denplan Care is a really easy way to spread the cost of all of your routine exams and treatment into affordable monthly payments, reducing the chance of receiving unexpected dental bills. Once you are dentally fit, it covers your regular examination and hygiene visits with us, as well as any necessary treatment you may need. It also includes worldwide dental injury and dental emergency (supplementary insurance) cover.
There are 5 levels (or bands) of Denplan Care, dependant on historical treatment and future treatment needs.

Adults - Denplan Care



Discounts are automatically applied by Denplan, for adults whose payments are from the same bank account.

Children - Plans for Children

Denplan offer a superb scheme for children with two different plans. Both plans include worldwide dental injury and dental emergency (Supplementary Insurance) cover. The first plan includes routine exams, X-rays and hygiene, whilst the second adds to this, routine treatment. More details are available from any of our staff.


Plan 1
Plan 2

Please note that it is a requirement that all new patients to the practice undergo a thorough initial assessment, before we can register you and provide treatment. Not all treatments are suitable for all patients and the decision to register you or offer Denplan Care rests with your treating dentist.